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Mental health affects individuals irrespective of age, gender, geographical location, and more. Mental illnesses must be taken just as seriously as any physical illness, requiring treatment. In many households, a common phrase used when referring to men's emotions is that men need to be 'strong.' They can not break down. They can not be scared. And most importantly, men can not cry. But it's time for these stigmas to be broken. 

June is Men's Health Month, focused on raising awareness for men's health care and encouraging boys and men to take control of their health, including their mental health. As such, the A.S.K. for Help Foundation aims to break down the existing assumptions and expectations of men and their mental health. 

Research published by Varnik in 2012 states that males die by suicide three to four times more often than women. Nevertheless, many other recent studies reveal that depression, or depressive symptoms, were reported more often by women than by men. The discrepancy between the statistics on suicide versus the reported depressive symptoms by gender demonstrates that despite women being more open to disclosing their symptoms of depression, men reportedly die by suicide at a higher rate than women. A significant reason for this could be due to the fact that women receive greater encouragement to speak out or open up about their mental health and emotions, as it is more accepted in society for women to express their feelings. As for men, there exists a preconceived notion that men need to suffer in silence because showing emotion for men is considered a sign of weakness. 

If you are battling any mental illness, we would like to share our warmest support and encourage you to seek help. It is okay not to be okay. It is okay to get help. It is okay to start or continue to take medication. You're no less of a man if you seek help; if anything, it takes a strong and brave individual to recognize that they need help and take the initiative to get that help. Always remember, you're never alone with A.S.K.

With Love & Understanding, 

Olivia Katamanin
President & Founder,
A.S.K. For Help Foundation
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Our Gratitude Corner 

"In the last five years, the mental health climate has conditioned my growth for understanding and education within myself. The mental health conversation took hold in my life starting in college when a few of my close friends confided in me about their internal struggles. As a generally happy person, I struggled to conceptualize the depressive tendencies of my friends. Even more interesting was their lack of comprehension of my anxious feelings. The beauty of sharing was learning. Learning to listen. Learning to be there and learning to be better. To be better for yourself and others by opening up. No one wants to feel alone, and that’s why I think the A.S.K. For Help Foundation is so crucial in our modern environment. Access to an organization that provides resources and support can be pivotal in saving a life. I participate in A.S.K. For Help Foundation to be an additional ally in the mental health community as well as to watch my friend Olivia flourish as an advocate. Helping out with foundation events like the one held in May is a way to be active in the mental health space. A space that can be scary for anyone to enter, especially those who feel inept at helping their friends and family on their own or who feel inept at sharing their personal experiences. A.S.K. For Help Foundation is only growing, and I am excited to be a part of an organization with such a beneficial and intimate reach."


- Lizzy McKalko

Lizzy has been and continues to be a key member of the A.S.K. For Help Foundation. From planning out the raffle station at our May Event, to constantly providing new ideas for future fundraisers, Lizzy demonstrates her compassion and drive to help others through the A.S.K. For Help Foundation. We are so grateful to have Lizzy as a part of the A.S.K. For Help family. 

- Upcoming Events -
Depression & Anxiety Support Group Meetings

In the following weeks, the A.S.K. for Help Foundation will be hosting regular monthly support group meetings for anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideations. These meetings will be held in person at a Chicago location (details will be announced soon on For more information about these support groups, follow our social media pages or feel free to write to us at

Boosted Bagel Bash - Charity Car Show July 10th in Boca Raton FL

We partnered with Superior Street Syndicate for a super exciting Charity Car Show on July 10th from 8 am -1 pm in Boca Raton, Florida! This mega event, the “Boosted Bagel Bash”, is the Hottest Car Event in South Florida. Featured will be exotic, modified, imported, JDM cars, and trucks from all over Florida.

When: July 10th from 8 am - 1 pm

Where: 1200 Yamato Road, Boca Raton FL

Chicago Club Pilates: Movement for Mental Health Aug 7th

Join us for a 40-minute mat pilates class. Stay to enjoy a mental health forum led by certified sports and exercise physiologist and licensed Pilates instructor Allison Long. Learn the benefits of movement for reducing anxiety, improving depressive symptoms, and increasing overall wellbeing.

When: Sunday, August 7th 2022 at 9:30 am

Where: River North, exact location TBD

Reserve a spot: Fundraising donation required - donations can be made via our Venmo: @askforhelpfoundation or via our website. Screenshots of donations made must be sent to to reserve your spot

On behalf of everyone from the A.S.K. for Help Foundation, I would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to all of the wonderful members of our social media community! Thank you for following our page and for supporting us. We strive to make the online platform as supportive and encouraging as possible. If you have not gotten a chance to see our pages, the links to our social media handles are at the end of the newsletter; please have a look and come say hi! Each of you matter so much to us.
Here are a couple posts from our instagram page
21- Day Journaling Challenge
This July, we present to you a guide for one of the best journeys to connect with yourself- through journaling. Journal your honest thoughts and emotions for the next 21 days (until it becomes a habit) and to get to know yourself better. We will be posting a 21-day journaling challenge on our social media pages, where you will find a unique journal prompt for you each day. Remember to follow and like our pages so that you don't miss out on the daily prompts. The only key in journaling is to be completely honest with yourself and put to paper all that you feel; it is just for your eyes. Remember, the journey matters as much as the destination itself! So cherish this journey of yours. Bon Voyage! 
Volunteer with us - If you resonate with our mission and would like to be a part of the A.S.K. For Help Foundation team, then you found the right place! Become a volunteer with us today and help us help those in need. Visit for more information.

Here are other ways you can support the A.S.K. for Help Foundation.

The Foundation is accepting donations. You can make a one-time donation or you can contribute monthly and yearly too. Every single dollar that you contribute is highly valued and will greatly enable the impact the Foundation's causes in the mental health awareness front. Please use visit to send your kind and generous contribution.

Are you still deciding on someone's Birthday/ Anniversary/ Congratulatory gift? Or are you looking to buy yourself a gift? You have an opportunity to shop with a cause and meaning. The A.S.K. for Help Foundation designs clothing and accessories available for purchase. You can find the products on We offer a variety of products from unisex hats, hoodies, bags, shorts, t-shirts and joggers. All proceeds from the sale go directly to the Foundation. It will be a meaningful gift - We promise.
“Do You” Hat – Light Colors Only
“Do You” Hat – Light Colors Only
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Short Sleeve “Do You” T-Shirt – Light Colors Only
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Unisex “Do you” Hoodie – Light Colors Only
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